Saturday, January 31, 2009

Date Night!

Friday morning my brother flew up to Colorado to help my uncle. Having the house to ourselves for the next month or so, Matt asked me out on a date :)

We went to dinner at Abuelo's (tasty!), then to a movie, and if you haven't seen it yet, PLEASE go see Slumdog Millionaire. SO good, really. We had a great time, enjoying each other's company, and I listened to a VERY long, very ridiculous work story. I swear, State Farm is so like high school, it's not funny.

Matt starts school again this week. Thankfully, his classes are only on Monday and Wednesday, and by the end of the month, he'll actually have Wednesday's off from work (LONG school day, but at least we can sleep in together!). I'm trying to completely rearrange my work schedule to coordinate, but its not looking good, and I may be cut down to 7 hours a week, and I'm actually considering a second job somewhere within walking distance. Thankfully, Avon has kept me pretty busy. I'm THISCLOSE to reaching the goal I'd set for myself last April, and already, I've broken all previous records for personal sales, so I'm very pleased (and rewarded myself tonight with my very own MP3 player. Its pink and SO cute, and I got it for half of the list price!) This means I won't have to steal Matt's when I want some music on my walks to F&E, which are becoming more frequent.

I've rediscovered a love for working out, and have been doing really well. I haven't lost more than 1/2lb just yet, but the fitted tee I wore today felt a lot less fitted in the arm and shoulder. Now, if I could just fight off this cold so I don't lose sll of my momentum!

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