Friday, January 23, 2009

Random stuff, really. A few days worth of posts crammed into one LONG one.

Its just after Midnight on Thursday (Friday? I agree with Matt, its not tomorrow until I've gone to sleep). This time last week, we were still in Old Town Scottsdale. Sponge, the fabulous band from Detroit (and good friends of ours!) was in town playing a free show, and they were probably just wrapping up their set. We spent the next couple hours hanging out in the VIP booth at ACME with the band, nibbling snacks (seriously. Best chicken fingers I've ever had, how weird is that?), watching some of the most...unusual dance moves I've ever seen, drinking and laughing and having a good time. Matt and I came home around 3am and went right to bed, since of course, Matt had to be at work at 7:45am. My brother Alan intended to get a ride home, somehow, as he was the sober one to drive everyone back to their respective hotels and homes.

Fast forward to 9:30am. Alan calls and tells me that he has no idea where in Phoenix he is, that he has no way home and that basically, the last person he dropped off didn't know how to get him home to Scottsdale, let him crash on the couch for an hour, then shooed him out so she could go to work, leaving him stranded. Oh, and asked for gas money. Right. So my penniless brother who isn't even FROM here is now trying to walk from nearly downtown Phx to the middle of Scottsdale. Matt calls and tells me that he's taking a half day, and I tell him that he has to pick up Alan on his way home. Ridiculous. Once home, the three of us did a whole lot of nothing on next to no sleep. Saturday and Sunday were pretty typical. I worked Saturday morning, then we ran errands all afternoon.

Matt, in preparation for the Phoenix Comic-Con this weekend, decided to finish reorganizing his comic book collection tonight. Halfway through, he discovers a hole - and a number of teeny bugs - on a box and the shelf. The box next to it no longer had a bottom. Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. Ew times a zillion. He and Alan spent the next hour pulling all the comic boxes out, cleaning up what was left on the shelf, wiping it down with ammonia, and sorting through the comics in those two boxes, one by one, to determine the damage (only 4 comiccasualties to report, in case you care). It appeared to be some sort of fluke, something in between the two boxes, whatever it was hadn't gone any farther out than those two boxes, but you know I'll be putting a call in to pest control. Again, as they were just here last week as we found a friggen SCORPION the week before. Ew ew ew ew ew.

Matt's prepping for his second semester of school. I'm trying to work with my boss to completely rearrange my entire work schedule so he can get to class, and I get to work around stupid JURY duty on the 3rd. Thrillsville. In SA, if you had Jury Duty, you were there pretty much all day. If you were lucky, they called your group early and hopefully sent you home. Here in Phoenix, I get to go downtown (where I've never been) and I don't have a CLUE where. I won't even find out WHEN I have to be there until I call a phone number after 5pm the day before I have to show up. Thanks for being convenient. Let me just tell you how easy THAT will be to work around 2 work schedules, a school schedule and one car.

If I can remember the rest of the random stuff that happened earlier this week, I suppose I'll just have to post it tomorrow, for I seem to have forgotten it all at the moment..

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Lena_L said...

LMAO at "comiccasualties". That's a great word! The whole buggie-yuck thing is terrible, but still love that word.