Monday, February 2, 2009


Last month I got a Jury Summons notice. Boooo. Here in AZ, rather than just have you show up and wait around all day to see IF you'll be called, they let you call in the night before (hey, thanks for giving me lots of planning time..) to see if you need to report.

The first 10 groups - not mine - have to report at 11am.

MY group? Yeah. I have to call back at 11am to see if I need to come in. Really? So you're going to pay me 45 cents a mile, from my home zip that I can drive an EXTRA 30 miles round trip to take my husband to work first so that I have the car just in case you call me, and if you DO, then I have to drive the half hour downtown and hopefully get out in time so my husband doesn't have to stand around in the parking lot for 2 hours.

Where's the form for the extra mileage for how totally screwed up this is?

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