Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh my the boredom.

Last night I got a call from my brother, who had been in Colorado since the end of Jan, then in Vegas for the last two weeks. He wanted to check my schedule so I could potentially pick him up from a bus station on Thursday. Fine and dandy.

I get a call this morning.

"We're in Wickenburg, we'll be there in 90 minutes"


So much for a nice, quiet, romantic night ALONE on our anniversary.

Currently, I am parked on my patio (it is GORGEOUS today!) while Alan is passed out on the couch and his friend is crashed on the floor in the guest room. They've been asleep since noon-ish. Matt's at school for another hour. No idea how this affects our Anniversary plans (which only included sharing dinner and wine at home tonight...but I can tell you it did NOT include my big brother...)

I'm bored. Alone. Can't watch TV. Can't screw around with a game on the computer in the office. Blech.

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