Saturday, March 7, 2009


"We just need to shower and crash for a few hours, we've been driving all night"

Was what I heard when my brother called me on Wednesday, 90 minutes away from my apartment. Today is Saturday. No jobs, no money, and nothing to do but whine at each other, like an old married couple, about having no jobs and no money; and no end in sight.

My brother had a job interview that I helped him score yesterday, and it looks pretty positive, but even still, it doesn't pay instantly, and they'll need money to put down a deposit on any apartment to rent, so I'm stuck here wondering when I'll be able to do the rest of my work in my office, not on my husband's laptop. When I'll be able to curl up on the couch with the books I want to read...though I'll admit, sitting on the couch with two Thirtysomething guys and their acoustic guitars, watching America's Next Top Model together was pretty damn funny...

On Saturday mornings, Matt and I like to just laze around for a while, but Matt works Saturdays now, because of his crazy school schedule. I couldn't sleep last night without the aid of AdvilPM, so you can imagine my surprise at 8am, when I woke up, bleary eyed and wishing I lived in a cave, not on the sun - it was so bright. Instead of making coffee and waking up at my PC for a while, I fed the cat, then curled back up in bed with an old episode of Saved By The Bell and the laptop, until I just couldn't sit there anymore. I couldn't go into the living room (Alan snoring on the couch), I couldn't go to my office (friend of Alan's crashed on the floor), and I didn't want to just sit in my PJ's in the dining room. I felt trapped in my master bedroom. Was I? No. I could certainly have just gone about my business, but I can't do that.

I got up and then spent the next two hours cleaning. Litter boxes. Putting the roll of TP on the guest bathroom roller (seriously. you can't put the paper ON the roll? the paper we provided you when you ran out and didn't tell anyone so you put the kleenex box in there instead? Two days go by and I have to replace the roll? Sheesh). Dishes for 4 adults. Cleaning the living room. Sweeping the floor. Dusting for no real reason other than it was something to do.

How do you say "um, how long do you guys intend to stay here, anyway?", without pissing anyone off? If it was just my brother, I'd have no problem with it. With three of us in a 2 bedroom, it wasn't a big deal. Now there are four of us, and its a little crowded.

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