Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Big Sue"

Every morning, a group of 6 or 7 ladies come into Curves to "work out". I use the quotes because really, none of them get any sort of work out, outside of moving their mouths nonstop. They're nice, but don't bother trying to get a word in edgewise, which makes my job a little difficult, considering that not a single one of them does the workout properly.

Since I've been at this location, I've heard every morning about "Big Sue":

"Have ya talked to Sue?"
"No! But I sent her an email last week and she didn't send one back"
"I saw her car the other day! I called her and left her a message and told her that I saw her!"
"Oh! I talked to her on Saturday and she says. . ."

Its the funniest thing. Honestly, I was starting to think Big Sue didn't exist. An urban myth, that "I know someone who knows someone who has a cousin who saw a UFO".

Today, Big Sue came in. She does exist!

20 minutes into their 30 minute workout, the three chattiest ladies are still here, the rest have finished and gone. Conversation turns to something that requires so much focus, you simply can't work out while talking ("Mamma Mia!". . .), and fifteen minutes later, I realize that all three of them are just sitting ON the machines, gabbing away, not working out at all. When two more ladies came in to start their workout, they left. And stood talking in the parking lot for 10 minutes.

Good work out today, Ladies! ;)

(I should mention, they really are nice and I do like them, it just cracks me up how little they really do)

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