Saturday, May 2, 2009

All's Quiet...

because All's EMPTY!!

Last week my brother was approved for an apartment - in the complex next door, but hey, its not IN my apartment!They are about 95% moved out as of last night, and once I make the phone call to give the go-ahead (which will be as soon as I shower this morning..) the guys will come back, finish moving AND clean the office/guest bedroom, bathroom, living room (and if I can swing it, lol, the kitchen)

In the last two weeks, I had a few major blowups. My stress level peaked, and I just couldn't take it anymore. Though I was promised in March that I'd never have to ask for help, if I didn't ask, nothing would get done. Matt and I had been so busy that we hadn't cooked in our kitchen for probably 2 weeks, yet I was loading and unloading the dishwasher, and CONSTANTLY hand washing the rest, multiple times a week (sometimes multiple times a day!) Because I couldn't really get into my office or my closet, I couldn't put ANY of my Avon stuff away, so I had a huge pile of stuff in my living room, on top of other huge piles of stuff I couldn't put away. Matt and I couldn't relax, because there was always something that needed doing - dishes, laundry, TRYING to stay organized, my brother or his friend wandering around, watching TV, coming and going. It was infinitely frustrating, and I'd had it. Thankfully, just two weeks later (a LONG two weeks...), we'll have our home back. I felt a little bad, I didn't want them to think we were kicking them out, that they weren't welcome, but this place just isn't big enough for four adults, especially when keeping house is left to only ONE of them :(

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