Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'd rather be in bed...

A family emergency called my boss back home, so here I am this Saturday morning. 8:40 AM and I've already been here for nearly 2 hours. I'd much rather be at home, likely still asleep, curled up with M, but there will be time for that later ;)

Last night we went out for dinner early, well, early for us (we were done before 8pm, normally we haven't decided what we want by then!) Even though I knew I had to get up early today, I would have liked to have done something else after dinner, but M didn't seem too interested, so back home we went. The thrill of my evening came before dinner, when I slipped into a pair of jeans one size smaller than the ones I just bought. Yay! Maybe walking to Fresh & Easy, even if I do come home with dessert, once a week is doing more good than I thought! M didn't really say much or seem to share at all in my excitement, a bit of a let down I thought. I would have been happy with a "great job baby!" or something, but oh well.

Today's plans include. . . oh, probably nothing. We have to return some stuff we bought last week, so I might do my best to keep us out of the house for the day. When we're at home, it just settles in to M on the couch at the TV and me in the office on the computer, and its mostly because I'm bored with TV and find the couch rather uncomfortable (I can't WAIT to replace it with this: - and hell its on sale this weekend too! Rats!)

Beyond that, I'll probably try and help M with his homework. Anyone have a fresh idea for a random movie poster they want to share?

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